About Us

How We Got Started


After 15 years of helping other companies grow and thrive the 2one's leadership team finally had enough. The tipping point to finally take the leap of faith and start a new business and management consultant firm took place after several interactions with a former client and close mentor.

The client (a large retailer with over 15,000 locations nationwide) kept asking the 2one's founder the same question every time she saw him... "are you running your own company yet?" she would say. By the time she asked this question for a third time the idea and motivation to start 2one's was formed. 

Our Approach


2one's understands that every business is unique. Every company has a story that needs needs to be told. Every employee has a history that has shaped them into who they are today. Our approach is to treat each of our clients as unique partners... no two client engagements are alike.

Why 2one's?


You worked very hard to get your business to where it is today. Now let us help you get it to the next level! The 2one's leadership team has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies.  We  apply all of the past learning and findings from working with large corporations to the partnerships we have with the 2one's clientele.