Past Work

2one's has experience working with businesses of many shapes and sizes. From large multi-location brands to single location SMBs to website development technologies and marketing agencies... 2one's been there to help out. 

Here is a sampling of our past work with a variety of client types.

Multi-location Retailer


A multi-location retailer came to 2one's seeking help improving their online visibility and overall store reputation. After a one-month consulting retainer, 2one's was able to provide the retailer with insights and suggestions which were then implemented by the agency of record for the retailer.

eCommerce IT Provider


An eCommerce focused IT firm was exploring ways to change their sales model when 2one's came in to the picture. We talked with their sales leadership team, analyzed the market, and provided a go-to-market report with recommendations on how the IT firm should move forward with their sales and marketing.

Mobile Marketing Platform Startup


A mobile marketing platform startup employed 2one's as consultants to help them redefine their business plan and sales model. With 2one's recommendations, the company changed to a freemium approach which helped increase the overall subscribers by 20%.

Local Advertising Company


A local advertising company with several hundred "feet on the street" sales representatives was having a hard time selling its products and services to larger, national brands. 2ones's was brought in to help with introductions and referrals through our extensive network of contacts.